Going Solo: Hunter Edition – Naxxramas (25), Plague Quarter

going solo Naxx

Cinnamohn demonstrates how to Hunter solo the Plague Quarter in Naxxramus 25 in this narrated video guide. Bosses of the Military Quarter include Noth the Plaguebringer, Heigan the Unclean, and Loatheb.

Cinnamohn: Armory – http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character…

As of this video:
Gear – ilv502 overall (ilv483 sha weapon, ilv522/502 trinkets)
Consumables used – 400 Agi Flask, 4k Agi Potion
Spec – Survival
Talents – 3/1/3/3/1/1
Glyphs – Misdirection, Mending, Animal Bond
Pet – Kitty Dps

Music: Blackmill – Lucid Truth

– – –

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