Esoth: What is it with Silvershard Mines?


Esoth: I’ve done a lot of random battlegrounds, both for honor points and for achievement points. In fact, when I first starting seriously going after some achievements, one of my first forays into it was Alterac Valley. That taught me that going after achievements required 1) a decent plan to make sure it would happen and 2) the willingness to do multiple attempts to get it right. A lot of them are RNG, but you have to be ready for the opportunity when it comes.

Anyway, I got fairly good at random pvp by the end of it. It’s a completely different beast from high end arena, but among the unwashed masses I could affect the outcome of the game a lot of times. Surely I am at the mercy of the rest of my team and theirs, but from one what you can expect, I think my track record shows I am either getting ridiculously lucky, or a common factor in performing above average.

AB: 370/492 (75%)
Twin Peaks: 193/272 (71%)
WSG: 398/569 (70%)
Strand: 291/429 (68%)
Gilneas: 246/366 (67%)
EotS: 260/392 (66%)
Kotmogu: 102/158 (65%)
AV: 199/316 (63%)
IoC: 157/248 (63%)
Silvershard Mines: 71/144 (49%)

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