WI: Beast Master Catalogs the Biological Diversity of Azeroth


Lisa Poisso at WoW Insider: A fantasy game like World of Warcraft doesn’t have to stick too closely (or even at all) to the laws of science — but oh, when the two worlds collide, players who love both can discover a true thing of beauty. That’s how it came to pass that a zookeeper from Florida has created a taxinomical website outlining the biology of the wildlife of Azeroth. WoW Biology 101 offers curious players a scientifically grounded look at the creatures of WoW, both fantastical and based on reality.

“I think when we see these connections, it brings these worlds a little closer together and, for me at least, increases my enjoyment of both,” notes Banya, a beast master hunter (because you knew that’s what she’d play, right?) on Drenden (US). “My site is truly just flavor and a potentially different way to look at the game. When you’re running around and see one of the awesome animals in game, my site would let you know how closely it is based off of a real-life animal. ”

WoW Insider: We love your humor when you’re talking about your website: “There aren’t any salamanders or newts. Apparently Macbeth’s witches would be SOL.” Sounds like you had a lot of fun with this project — and it sounds like you must have a lifelong love of animals. At what point growing up did it hit you that animals were your thing?

Banya: I feel very fortunate that my parents were always active and encouraged me to play outside. They moved me from a large city to a small town in the middle of Florida when I was 5 and I literally grew up in a cypress swamp. Wildlife surrounded me and we only received 4 TV channels… So, I lived in the mud and the rain and it was glorious. . . . read full article

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