Hunter Transmog: Green Mail – Getting in touch with Nature

green mail

Sam at Samaramon’s World: I got this gorgeous looking kilt while questing somewhere and I was instantly in love with it. […]

For the chest I went with an old-PvP piece. This goddamn helm drops from a rare mob INSIDE Maraudon, meaning I had to get it to spawn, then get it to drop the item, while being limited to 5 runs per hour. It took 53 runs and I only saw him 5 times during them. So, if you like this helm, be warned, your nerves will hate you. […]

Other than that, the rest is easy to obtain. The chest is only 1100 honor which isn’t much nowadays, the kilt is a quest reward, shoulders are BoE.

The bow sort of had me concerned. I really optimally would ABSOLUTELY ADORE to have Rhok’delar but alas, I didn’t even have a hunter back then. So if you do still have this bow, then great! (I also hate you.) Anyway, went with the second-best natural-looking bow, and this one is nice and leafy and viny. […]

Item List

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