Petopia Forum Highlights 4/5/13

Every other Friday, Kalliope features the highlights of the Petopia forum discussions from those two weeks, ranging from new pet discoveries to theorycrafting to stunning transmog sets, also providing links to the full threads.

Where the Wild Things Are in Patch 5.3 (3/25/13)

Kalliope reported that Portent, who had initially phased out in a fair sized portion of the Vale, was now walking through the new mining quarry with a new, improved attitude. She also reported the forthcoming stable expansion, which was covered in more detail in its own thread (see below). A few assorted beasts that Miacoda found were reported as untameable.

Read full thread here

Related thread regarding Portent and the Vale here

Stables expand to 55 (3/25/13)

Kalliope noticed that three extra pages of stable slots had appeared on the PTR, upping the pet cap from 25 to 55. Stable planning and sharing began not long afterward.

Read full thread here

Request for new pet icons in 5.3 (3/27/13)

Wain came up with a list of suggestions for hunter pet icon changes and additions and put out an open call for further suggestions.

Read full thread here

What would you like to be tameable in 5.3? (3/28/13)

PorrasouxRex kicked off a wishlist discussion of tameable beasts Petopians would like to see added in 5.3.

Read full thread here

Featured Transmogrification of the Week (4/5/13)

Petopia featured transmog #25

This week’s featured transmogrification was created by LupisDarkmoon.

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