WoW Hunters Hall March 2013 Traffic Report

March 2013 visits

It’s time for the March 2013 traffic report for WoW Hunters Hall. March was a good month for WHH, with a large bump in visits coinciding with the release of Patch 5.2, and a generally higher level of traffic overall.

Traffic Overview

March traffic
During March, WHH had 111,430  visits and 215,584 pageviews, with a total of 75,054 unique visitors. Over three fourths of our visits resulted from search engines. Fourteen percent were direct traffic from those who have us bookmarked or type in our URL manually, and about nine percent came from referrals. The proportion of traffic resulting from searches and direct visits continues to increase relative to referrals.

Referring Sites

The top referring sites (sites with a link to WoW Hunters Hall that people clicked on to get here) were:

YouTube no longer automatically links sites with embedded videos. The YouTube referrals are therefore the result of Hunters such as CaribaLd  including a link to WoW Hunters Hall in their video captions, and we thank them kindly.


As Frostheim explained in February, Google now hides much of its keyword data from us. That said, the top keyword searches leading to WHH visits in March were:

  • (not provided) – 63%
  • WoW Hunters Hall
  • Hunter transmog
  • Hutia WoW
  • Isle of Thunder rares
  • Degu WoW
  • Isle of Thunder rare spawns
  • Gumi WoW
  • Hunter gear

Hottest Hunter Articles

Of the 215,584 pageviews WoW Hunters Hall received in March, 10% were the home page. After that the top viewed pages were as follows. Note that articles posted early in the month have an advantage and those posted at the end have a disadvantage.

Euphyley’s map of rare spawns on the Isle of Thunder was a huge hit this month, followed by the ever-popular Hunter transmog guide and Braindeadly’s new best hunter pet for PvP video.

Regional Stats

Each country or territory shown in the map below with a green tint had visitors to WHH during March. The intensity of the color correlates with the number of visits.

March map

The U.S. brought the highest number of visits, followed by the U.K., Canada, Germany, Australia, and Sweden.

March locations

The top Hunter cities for March were London, Sydney, New York, and Melbourne.

March top cities

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