WHU: Living in the Margin of Error


Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Once upon a time hunters had some very obvious dps optimization choices. In late Wrath BM dps was 20% below MM, for example. You could see massive differences between talent choices when some talents were huge and others provided no dps advantage at all. For today’s hunter, almost every optimization decision lives within the margin of error. Which talent to pick, reforging priorities, which gems to use, even most rotational decisions will give you a dps difference smaller than the dps margin of error.

Margin of Error: When Target Dummies Lie

What I mean by living in the margin of error is this: when you sit at the target dummies and unload your full rotation for whatever period of time, maybe you land at 70,000 dps. But if you do the exact same thing a second time, maybe you’ll get 70,587 dps. Do it again and you might be at 68,723 dps. . . . read full article

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