The Grumpy Elf: Dear Blizzard, I Quit!

Grumpy Elf

The Grumpy Elf: The new looking for raid part is out and last night I decided to get it in before my guild would run their version with as many members from the guild as wanted to go.  Guild runs are usually better because you are going with a group of people that are communicating.  Even if we are not the greatest raiders the fact we all at least go into it knowing the fights and what to expect and have the ability to communicate with each other even if we run into some problems we can usually get through anything the LFR throws at us.

Without my guild it is a different story.  It is a nightmare.  And the nightmare keeps getting worse with each new release of a raid in the LFR.  All I want to do is wake up and find out that this was all a dream, a very bad dream, but that is not going to happen.  The looking for raid is now officially progression raiding for randoms.

I have to say I am done.  I quit.  I just can not do it any more.  I have no desire to do progression raiding with 24 people I have never met and will most likely never meet again. . . . read full article

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