Tier 15 Throne of Thunder Hunter Raiding Tips and Tricks

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  • Pets will get the pool buff based on the hunter’s position, not the pet
  • lightning orbs and nova damage is deterrable – probably better used for lightning storm ticks though
  • Lynx Rush lines up with the puddles perfectly. MoC doesn’t
  • Some people are recommending holding CDs for the first puddle. If you’re MM it’s probably best to blow CDs while you have careful aim – you won’t have it in the pool
  • Heroic -you can deterrence before ionization comes out and you will not get the debuff


  • Binding Shot will stun the adds
  • Distracting shot works on the Frozen Warlords, no DR, which can help tanks reset their mortal strike debuff.


  • You can deterrence sand storm and dark power.
  • You can also master’s call the entrapped debuff.
  • Binding Shot on the Council of Elders adds – Loa Spirit and Sand adds
  • Posthaste does break the sandtrap root on Council


  • If it happens to go off, Deterrence will prevent 100% of the breath from Tortos
  • Ice trap can slow turtle & bats but you may want to think twice before you use it. If you have a better aoe slow in your raid (like DK’s Chilblains), you may not want to use your ice trap because silly program thinks ice trap is a “more powerful” slow and override other 50% duration-based slow effect.


  • You can deterrence the rage
  • You can deterrence Poison Bombs


  • You can deterrence through quills, if you deterrence late the quills already in the air will hit you.
  • you can disengage back onto a platform if you get blown off – careful though, unless the ability is about to end you’ll likely just get blown back off again!
  • You can cast Aspect of the Cheetah to help with Down Draft (probably best to use cheetah glyph with this)
  • You can soak green goo with deterrence on final tick and u should not get the debuff
  • You can soak overlapping pools and only get one debuff – BUT – you still take double damage
  • If downdraft is causing you real problems, try glyph of black ice under the boss!
  • Also, with glyphed disengage, a jump disengage lifts you high enough that you can make some good distance back during the draft.


  • Deterrence will not 100% deflect the Eye Sore damage in the maze but it will reduce the damage taken (as it does anytime you use it)


Dark Animus

  • Some people are recommending to let the pet tank your add for you. Others are of the opinion that is better to tank the add yourself to have better control over the positioning and HP of the add.
  • If you set floor markers for the matter swap target on one side of the room, hunters can guarantee themselves as a target by standing on the opposite side – LET THE DEBUFF RUN OUT and if you deterrence you deflect 100% of the damage – super useful if swap lines up with jolt.
  • Distracting shot works on the small anima golems with no DR so you can taunt them if you see one running wild.

Iron Qon

  • You can deterrence and walk through the spears and the lines on the ground (verified for the fire)
  • You can safely disengage over the spears and lines
  • You can also disengage to safety on the tornadoes, but you need to be quick and aim carefully
  • You can Master’s call the “slowing” debuff from Iron Qon

Twin Consorts

  • Dots stay up on the boss that isn’t currently active – so on the pull you can put crows on the 2nd boss before it disappears

Lei Shen

  • Deterrence works on pretty much everything – thunderstruck and lightning whip were the 2 I used it most on. You shouldn’t deterrence the things you stack for since you’re stacking to split the damage
  • if you get Static Shock (shared damage debuff) you can Deterrence it and take no damage whatsoever, and nobody needs to stack on you. Can be pretty useful, especially for the transitions
  • you can solo soak a static shock, there a counting down debuff and just deterrence when it gets to 2/3
  • Binding Shot will stun the ball lightning.
  • General Binding Shot: If you place the very edge of the green target circle on the mob you want to stun, it just stuns them instantly without moving – takes practice….


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