Alt:ernative: I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor…


The Godmother at Alt:ernative: I want to change all of my character mogs. Maybe because it is Spring, or more likely because I can’t play with everybody as much as I would like, but I sense a large amount of Transmogrification Faffing over the Easter Holidays.

Part of the reason centres around the new green items dropping on the Isle of Thunder, which are all reboots of the ‘classic’ ZG items that I used to love back when they were current. I’ve been slowly stockpiling items on a bankalt over the last couple of weeks, and as the items have been amassing I have realised that I’d like to give everyone a new look. Part of me would like to do this as I level each one to 90, but after I’ve stopped laughing I realise the best way is probably to create the outfits and then leave them in the appropriate character’s banks for use once the poor neglected things finally get some love (or Blizzard stop releasing patches every 15 minutes NO I’M NOT COMPLAINING) This means working on new looks for Hunter #2 and 3 to begin with (as I am quite taken with P’s Red Ensemble and am not yet bored of the hat) As you can see, Hunter #3 is coming along nicely. This would be the moment where I lament the lack of single colour mail trousers. These ones I had in my bank pretty much by accident, and am really glad I did. I can see a lot of Mog It in my future.

There is also a desire to pair these completed outfits with suitable land and air mounts, and Battle Pets, and after that I suspect Hunter Pets as well because DAMMIT EVERYTHING CAN MATCH. . . . read full article

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