WHU: Brawler’s Guild – Battletron

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: Battletron is my favorite fight in Brawler’s Guild so far. Why? Because Dark Summoner is arguably a harder fight in terms of the mechanics. It’s about how you handle the mechanics themselves more than any enrage timer or dps quotient (though more dps always helps). Battletron, on the other hand, is very much a gear check. But rather than make the fight boring, it becomes an exercise in min-maxing. Exactly how much self-heals and dps can you squeeze out of your class, at the same time? For some, the dps will be the challenge. For others, staying alive. For many, both. And I love these kinds of challenges, because it asks you to find new ways to eke out every bit of your potential.


Battletron spawns mines around him that circle him the entire fight. Your attacks (Arcane Shot, for example) can detonate the mines, which are arena-wide, and do a lot of damage. It’s almost impossible to trigger less than two mines, but three will usually kill you. So the idea is to trigger two next to each other, and strafe for the rest of the fight inside that window.

The fight features a LOT of unavoidable damage and a really tight enrage timer. . . . read full article

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