Steevnash: Single Scenario -Troves of the Thunder King

Steevnash: Watch me fail, so that you may win!!

Hunter’ing through the Trove of the Thunder King, which is the new “single player” scenario introduced in patch 5.2. It requires a “key” to become accessible, which can drop off of any mob on the new island introduced in patch 5.2. I got mine off of a non-elite that I was randomly farming while I watched Zoolander for the 100x time!

You have 5 minutes to open as many chests as you can, I rush straight to the end to open the 3 bigger chests where the final boss is located. I get 2 but wasted far too much time to kill him and get the final chest off his corpse.

Good Luck guys! Let my failure be for something!


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