Euphyley: How to Tame Gumi (Blue Spectral Porcupine)

Euphyley at WoW Rare Spawns: Gumi, the level 90 blue spectral porcupine, is the second of the three new spirit beasts added in patch 5.2 that I’ll be going over. This little guy is one heck of a terror. In all honesty I thought this was one of the hardest hunter pets to tame that I’ve encountered yet. Maybe THE hardest. At least for me, taming this guy made taming the other two spectral porcupines seem like a cakewalk.

Like Degu and Hutia (Gumi’s red and green buddies), Gumi will need to be kited and dps’d down to about 20% health before his Strong Will buff will drop and you will be able to tame him. He will also two-shot you if he gets within melee range. Unlike the other two beasts though, this guy has no special abilities to be aware of. What makes this guy so difficult is the speed that he moves at. . . . read full article
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