Going Solo: Hunter Edition – Icecrown Citadel, Lower Spire (10)

Cinnamohn has produced a nice fast guide to hunter soloing the lower spire (first four bosses) of Icecrown Citadel, including tips on how to get several achievements along the way.

Cinnamohn: As of this video:
Gear – ilv475 overall (ilv476 weapon, ilv471/471 trinkets)
Consumables – None needed.
Spec – Survival
Talents – 3/1/3/3/3/1
Glyphs – Misdirection, Mending, Marked for Death
Pet – Kitty Dps

Music: Feint – United We Stand

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For more information on hunter soloing see Hunter Soloing, from Classic to Pandaria: Tips, Guides, Strategies, and Videos

Visit Cinnamohn’s Youtube channel at Cinnamohn :3

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