Steampunk Hunter Transmog

Steampunk transmogs continue to be popular with hunters, and Az0madman recently posted his interpretation of the look: “Some of the greens took forever to get! Now to debate whether to get the Chopper mount or not…”

  • Helm: Truesight Ice Blinders
  • Shoulders: Mountain Spaulders
  • Chest: Marauder’s Tunic
  • Waist: Mail Combat Belt
  • Legs: Netherstorm Legguards
  • Feet: Silvered Bronze Boots
  • Gloves: Whelpscale Gauntlets
  • Shirt: Tuxedo Shirt
  • Ranged: Rifle of the Platinum Guard

Read the original post on Reddit.

For another take on the Steampunk theme see Transmog: The Steam Punk Hunter from Dreamy at Drunkard’s Regalia

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