Durendil: Hunter Soloing Siege of Niuzao Temple Heroic

Durendil has posted hunter soloing videos for all of the bosses in the Siege of Niuzao Temple heroic dungeon.

Vizier Jin’bak

Durendil: This fight is about surviving detonation.

If deterrence is up, you can ignore the pool and simply dps the boss.

If not, the pool grows over time and when adds touch it but decreases in size when you touch it. So the easiest way is: just before adds spawn take 3 stacks, kill adds then take 2-3 more stacks (if your debuff is gone).

Video: Durendil vs Vizier Jin’bak Heroic

Commander Vo’jak

Durendil: For adds: put them on pet and put an aoe beneath your pet.

Boss: avoid his aoes and put some sap beneath him each time he finishes his aoe.

Video: Durendil vs Commander Vo’jak Heroic

General Pa’valak

Durendil: The challenge of the instance. Phase 1 can be done with a hand behind your back, but the bulwark phases require you to kill adds very quickly without them stacking their dot.

The goal is simple: grab bombs, misdirect adds on pet and kill them once they are stacked. If your pet is high on stacks, you can run to the middle of the adds, pop deterrence and finish them once they are stacked. If you survive 2 bulwarks, he’s down.

Video: Durendil vs General Pav’alac Heroic

Wing Leader Ner’onok

Durendil: Avoid aoe, interrupt spell, jump when you have the debuff, this boss is free.

Video: Durendil vs Wing leader Ner’onok Heroic

For more information on hunter soloing the bosses of MoP see Hunter Soloing Guides: Mists of Pandaria.

Visit Durendil’s YouTube channel at DurendilLeHunt.

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