Ghostcrawler: More Hunter Changes

Ghostcrawler posted a few updates and clarifications in the PTR Class and Set Bonus Issues, Part III thread today:

Rune of Re-Origination

The proc frequency changes based on the ilvl of the trinket:

  • 541 ilevel = 112.88% proc multiplier
  • 535 ilevel = 106.74% proc multiplier
  • 528 ilevel = 100.00% proc multiplier
  • 522 ilevel = 94.56% proc multiplier
  • 502 ilevel = 78.49% proc multiplier
  • 463 ilevel = 54.57% proc multiplier


  • Dismiss pet now has a 3 sec cast time (up from 2 sec). This is to discourage swapping pets in the middle of PvP to get a different form of CC.
  • Powershot now cancels Camo when the cast begins rather than the shot landing. Powershot is much more effective in 5.2 since it is so reliable now.

DPS Tuning
We overshot the mark on DKs and hunters a little, and we think warriors need that Execute nerf after all. All of this may change tomorrow as we look at different situations, so don’t overly freak out about anything.

  • Chimera Shot damage +25% (was +50%).
  • Black Arrow and Explosive Shot damage +10% (was +15%).


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