5.2 PTR Build 16618: Hunter Buffs and Thunderforged Gear

Patch 5.2 build 16618 was deployed on the PTR tonight and it incorporated the hunter class changes recently discussed by Ghostcrawler:

  • Steady Shot additional damage increased by 44% and weapon damage increased to 60%, up from 50%.


  • Aimed Shot weapon damage increased to 350%, up from 320%. Additional damage increased by 20%.
  • Chimera Shot now does 315% ranged weapon Nature damage, up from 210%. Additional damage increased by 125%. Now heals you for 5% of your total health, up from 3%.


Many new Thunderforged items were added in this build including:

For more information on Patch 5.2 PTR build 16618 see MMO Champion and Wowhead.

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