Jaedia: Hunter Transmog – Merida from Brave

Jaedia at Jaedia’s Menagerie: For the robe look I’ve combined Wave of Life Chestguard with Kilt of Spiritual Reconstruction and popped on a Blue Workman’s Shirt for the sleeves. The bow is Satyr’s Bow from Dire Maul. Sadly I can’t add in a quiver but I have used Fortified Belt for the tan strap attaching the quiver to her. And the cloak is Blackmetal Cape. The only cloaks I found any plainer were too short or golden edged so I thought the Celtic-styled pattern suited the character quite nicely.

As for the bits I’ve not included in my image, but just to complete the mog for folk who might like to wear this I’ve gone with Grunt’s Pauldrons for the shoulders which both match and can be reasonably ignorable. Fastfuse Gloves suit the set quite well and don’t hide her hands completely. . . . read full article

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