5.2 PTR Build 16562: Tier 15 Raid Drops, 3D Weapon Models

Perculia at The Wowhead Blog: Tonight’s patch added hundreds of Tier 15 raid items, gorgeous models for all raid weapons, and a few minor spell changes.

Tier 15 Weapons: 3D Weapon Models

We’ve shown the colorations for ilvl 535 heroic weapons below–models have been added for LFR, Normal, and Heroic Tier 15 weapons. Click on the images to view them in our 3D Model Viewer–these weapons have amazing details that can only be seen by rotating them fully, as well as distinctive animations! You can also try out all of their animations on all character races.

Ranged Weapons

Tier 15 Raid Drops

Hundreds of new raid items from Throne of Thunder were added in tonight’s patch–check out our 3D Model previews of all Tier 15 sets and Raid Weapons!


We also have a breakdown of the trinkets here, because they have some interesting or unpredictable procs:

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