Hunter Solo: Hydrophobia Achievement in Temple of the Jade Serpent

Sinthuja: Fun stuff. If doing individual achievement with group feels too easy, add some extra pressure there and solo it like I did. This fights works as great “Don’t stand in bad stuff” training too. Before someone asks why didn’t I do this with group instead, I answer that simply because doing it alone was funnier and more challenging.

Secondly I know a lot of people complain that I’m “a clicker” and playing with keyboard would be way easier but gotta agree this time that this fight would have been easiest with BM spec and without clicking stuff. But yeh, clickers can do it too so why not ;)

There’s no any gear requirement for this fight but higher your item level is, the faster the fight goes. I’m ilvl 388 Survival hunter myself and assisted by an awesome wolf.

Music is Sea Tides (Dmente Remix) by Andy Blueman


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