Where the Wild Things Are: Zandalari Devilsaurs

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: The Zandalari devilsaurs will greatly expand the popular devilsaur family in patch 5.2. No taming tricks here, though you might want to use freeze traps.


Hey everyone! This is Kalliope, here to introduce you to the ferocious new devilsaurs that are coming in patch 5.2.

The Zandalari devilsaurs use a more detailed model than the old ones and have a few other slight differences, like their bumpier noses. Once tamed, they are typical devilsaurs, exotic pets with two abilities: terrifying roar, which provides a raidwide 5% critical strike buff, and monstrous bite, a healing debuff that lasts for eight seconds and does not stack with widow venom.

Almost all of the tameable devilsaurs spawn on the Isle of Giants, far north of Kun-Lai Summit. As with their dire horn neighbors, all of the devilsaurs are flagged as tameable. No one will be able to tame the adults until the next expansion when the level cap raises, but the level 90 babies can be tamed just fine. . . . read full article

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