The Grumpy Elf: In Search of… Omnis Grinlok

The Grumpy Elf: Somewhere along the way of our super fast leveling we seemed to have missed the fun of something not being an easy push over.  Gone are the days of having to battle for every scrap of experience we got because there is no way we would ever run out of quests to do to level us up as there are so many that offer so much experience for so little effort to level us to max level as fast as possible.

With the loss of the time-taking factor to leveling, the true challenges, even if they are not really all that difficult, are all gone.  Don’t want the challenge of facing Omnis and his entourage then you just avoid him and come back when you hit 90 and can demolish him and all his cronies in less than 30 seconds, like my hunter does now.

Somewhere along the line we forgot that the challenge was fun. . . . read full article

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