Lock and Load: Heroic Garalon, Wind Lord Mel’jarak and Imperial Vizier Zor’lok

Divinespeed at Lock and Load: It’s been awhile since I have had the time to sit down and do a blog, although as a guild we have been very busy over the past 3 weeks. After Lei Shi we set our sight on moving through HoF in it’s entirety. With a lot of new recruits and a holiday schedule we struggled through a couple of heroics that should have been killed a lot sooner than they were. With nearly a full roster back from the holidays we managed to put down one of the toughest bosses of the tier, Imperial Vizier. Here’s my brief explanation of the three fights.

Heroic Garalon

This fight was a true test of your entire raids ability to handle mechanics and damage. With the raid being able to handle these mechanics this fight is extremely simple. If each individual raid member does their job the fight slowly snowballs to be much easier than you would anticipate. It has an extremely high DPS check, as well as healing check, and is absolutely not something to take lightly. Here is my quick hunter tips for this fight.

3: Crouching Tiger, Hidden Chimera
Doesn’t matter, not useful
3: Spirit Bond
2: Dire Beast
1: A Murder of Crows
1: Glaive Toss

Here’s my reasoning for this set up. Having deterrence for every other crush, or when your healers don’t have CD’s/weak CD’s. No interrupts or CC’s needed for this fight, so tier two can be anything. On this fight you are constantly lower than 98% so throughout the fight Spirit Bond will do more healing than Iron Hawk would damage reduction. The next three are the pretty standard BM choices. The A Murder of Crows choice is questionable, and I’ve heard some people taking Blink Strike here, but I think I still like crows. Just always crows the boss.

Dash, Dash, Dash. Having the maximum uptime on your pet’s dash when it’s moving from body to leg is so helpful. Also, with the strategy we originally did with this, we had range switching to a far leg without going to it. If your guild is using this strategy, when your pet is attacking a leg, regardless if you are near the leg, it gains the buff. So any time a leg is up make sure your pet is in it, it’s a DPS gain, even with the travel distance. Overall the fight is a lot of fun, but requires a ton of raid awareness and concentration to meet the extreme healing and DPS requirements.

Here is our first kill:

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