Hunter WR Challenge Mode Video Compilation

Saved posted on the MMO Champion Hunter Forum: “I’m Saved and I play a Hunter as my main now for Aftermath on U.S Mal’ganis. We’re currently putting a bit of time into getting as fast of times as possible and so far we hold 5 of the 9 top times, with an eventual goal of holding the fastest time for all 9/9.”

While I always stream our raids (including progression), I stream all our challenge modes, too, and have highlights so far of a lot of the Challenge Modes including all of the WR Challenge Modes that I have been in for. is my twitch page. Below is a link to some of the highlights.

WR Runs – Scarlet Halls 8:05 – Temple of the Jade Serpent 11:09 – Shado-Pan Monastery 14:16

I will update this post if people are interested when we complete more. We will probably be doing Gate of the Setting Sun sometime soon, and from our conversations in Mumble, we seem to think we could significantly improve our time in Scholomance. I was not home when they did it the first time, but hopefully I’ll be home when we do it next!

If anyone is interested, I was also considering making a video for each with specific tips / tricks that I felt really helped me out, or things you could suggest in your Challenge Mode group to help your Challenge Mode group succeed

Non-WR runs – Not attempting to go for fast times, just trying to help friends get their transmog gear. – Mogu’shun Palace 10:48 – Siege of Niuzao Temple 16:29 – Stormstout Brewery 11:39

See the ongoing thread at MMO-C for more information on Challenge Mode Dungeons including good group comps and tips for hunters.

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