World first hunter solo: CaribaLd vs The Lich King (25 heroic)

CaribaLd: 205 wipes, 1 kill. A boss fight 5 times longer than Algalon, as unforgiving, although a bit easier on the enrage (if the ‘enrage’ is getting all Raging Spirits down before Berserk).

My item level for this was 502.2, my weapon 510 (not sha touched) and I had 4pT14 bonus.

As I was rendering this video, I learned that Mione (Death Knight) had killed it the same day, although in the morning, where I killed it in the evening. Huge congrats to Mione on the kill!

During the video, sometimes there is one black frame. I think it’s between each clip, but fixing it would take too long, and I really don’t want to go through another ~6 hour render.

As for the fight: In phase 1, Infests must be line of sighted (thanks to Durendil for figuring out this could be line of sighted – I believe no one ever figured that out in WotLK), since you cannot stay over 90% health at all times. The Necrotic Plague ticks for 150k, so that’s 450k damage over 10 seconds, which happens every 30 seconds. This is outhealed with Spirit Bond and Spirit Mend (Spirit Beast heal). It’s not entirely enough though, so I used bandages to heal up the rest. Phase 1 was where the vast majority of wipes happened, because it’s very easy to miss a timer and accidentally get Infest, at which point the fight is over.

In the phase transition I try to position my pet between myself and The Lich King, such that I will not be hit by the cone damage/silence from the Raging Spirits, but I’m still in range for Spirit Mend. Spirit Mend cannot be casted when the pet is silenced, but it’s not much of a problem. On the kill I had a shambler left from phase 1, due to the Necrotic Plague running out – I put up a new Necrotic, but it jumped to all the Ghouls first, leaving the Shambler for last, which didn’t die from it. Necrotic Plague then disappeared due to having no targets to jump to. Additionally, I intentionally take a hit from the last Raging Spirit, but more on that below.

In phase 2 I clear off the Raging Spirits rather slowly – I try to capitalize as much as possible on being able to hit multiple targets. This phase is rather easy, you just need to remember to take a hit from a Raging Spirit or The Lich King at least once a minute, so that you are marked as a tank and cannot be gripped by the Val’kyrs. The other “challenge” is to get topped before the first Infest which happens pretty early in phase 2, so in this case where my health was a bit low I used bandage as well as Spirit Mend. My pet was not supposed to run to me while I was trying to heal up, I panicked as it wouldn’t heal me because it was silenced.

Next phase transition is really easy as well, but I save cooldowns so I can nuke down the Raging Spirits as fast as possible. Having a Shambler up in phase 2 meant that I lost about 30 seconds on the enrage, meaning The Lich King would be enraged once I got out of Frostmourne for the second time. On earlier tries I would have about 20 seconds to finish any remaining Raging Spirits and place my pet in a good position. This time I didn’t have that luxury, but at least all the Raging Spirits were dead.

Then The Lich King is enraged, and taking a single hit means instant death. The enrage increases his damage by 900% and his attack speed by 150%, which means 10x as much damage and 25x as much melee dps. The Vile Spirits and Frostmourne still do the same damage though. This means, that as long as no hits are taken from The Lich King, it’s only Harvest Souls that does increased damage (from 4k per tick to 40k). Deterrence can be used to reduce damage from Vile Spirits as you soak them, other times they reset if you Feign, and other times randomly (maybe if running on the stairs to the throne? I’m not sure).

I think that was about it for the encounter.


Bullet For My Valentine – Intro
Audiomachine – Guardians at the Gate
Audiomachine – Warlords
Two Steps From Hell – Strength of a Thousand Men
Two Steps From Hell – The Last Stand
Two Steps From Hell – Black Blade
Two Steps From Hell – Everlasting
Two Steps From Hell – To Glory
Two Steps From Hell – Archangel
Two Steps From Hell – Titan Dune
Two Steps From Hell – Dark Harbor
Two Steps From Hell – Ride To Victory
Two Steps From Hell – Flameheart

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