The Wild Hunt: Brawler’s Guild Rank 7 – GG Engineering

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: The first fight at this rank comes in the form of a duo of engineers – Bo Bobble and Max Megablast. This fight will test your skills in mobility; the key to whittling their massive, shared healthpool down in time is in turning their damage against them.

The way to do this is to stick to Bo Bobble like glue. His constant Gnomish Death Ray is a nuisance and stunning him on cooldown certainly helps; talent Spirit Bond to deal with the damage. While you sit on the gnome, his goblin partner will stand aside and shoot you with rockets. The landing spot will be marked with a clear red circle; your task is to make sure Bo stands in it while you do not. Moving Bo is difficult so in order to guarantee rockets landing on him you must stand on top of him yourself, then strafe away as soon as the marking circle appears. . . . Read full article

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