The Wild Hunt: Brawler’s Guild Rank 7 – Dark Summoner

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: Welcome to the brick wall of Dark Summoner and his pet-killing, rage-inducing ghosts! At the time of writing, the three servers who share our Brawlpub boast a total of 35 kills – some of them the result of a bug that drops Summoner on the arena when an easy rank 1 fight is going on – while Summoner himself has defeated itinerant brawlers 1302 times.

The dps check on this fight is formidable and favors classes/specs capable of short, heavy burst damage. For hunters this means that the optimal spec would be BM but Summoner’s mechanics make this very tricky.

At the start of the fight, Dark Summoner (3,93m hp) will be invulnerable. To remove this shield you must kill the periodically summoned ghosts that have 358,4k hp each. To make matters interesting, these ghosts will one-shot you and your pet from approximately ten yards away unless stunned until dead. . . . Read full article

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