The Wild Hunt: Brawlers Guild – Hunter Tips for Rank 3

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: On this second part of Brawler’s Guild tricks I’ll go through the rank 3 fights. I assume that some may try these in heroic blues with the occasional LFR lucky drop thrown here and there; anyone running around in fully upgraded hard mode epics will find that overgearing the encounters takes care of many hurdles.

For those with bad drop luck, this is territory where spec, talents and glyphs start to make a greater difference. The ones I list are what I found working for myself or could imagine working if I had the chance to go back to a fight already beaten. Figure out what works for you and leave a note in the comments!

Rank 3

Starting with Blat, we have a trap for the unwary. This ooze will frequently split and continue multiplying throughout the fight. Don’t let this fool you – keep your eyes on the original and don’t waste any AoE on the copies. . . . Read full article

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