Lock and Load: Heroic Blade Lord Ta’Yak, Spirit Kings

Divinespeed at Lock and Load: Patch 5.1 brought some pretty ground breaking things to hunters as far as our mobility and raid utility. We’ve always got the bitch jobs for kiting, and running to and from a boss to do some random job. I rejoice these tasks now. Oh, you need me to keep kiting this add on Heroic Spirit Kings? No worries DPS still on the up. The post 5.1 change to Serpent Sting was extremely nice and something I personally thought Blizzard would overlook. It’s not a ground breaking change, but it buffs all 3 specs, survival a bit more than the others. It also gives us a reason to use focus on multi-dotting when playing survival. The biggest thing this change did to hunters was made every hunter 100% have to have a SV spec now when fighting any boss that has multi-dotting capabilities. I like the changes to MM as well as AotH to make our class competitive single target. Let’s talk about a few fights!

Heroic Blade Lord Ta’Yak

This fight is super super interesting for hunters, as it’s a single target fight, but really tests a raid’s patience and ability to control the boss in such a way that you are never overwhelmed. I think the fight as a whole will certainly test a lot of guilds. As for Huntering this fight, I took a pretty standard Beast Mastery talent set up . . . Read full article

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