WHU: ‘Til the Servers Shut Down – Hunter Love Song

Frostheim at Warcraft Hunters Union: Here’s the second of the Hunter Fuel new hunter songs, and the first of the original songs — the hunter love song, ‘Til the Servers Shut Down. This song is all about the unique relationship between hunters and their pets.

You can download a mp3 of ‘Til the Servers Shut Down here. (I’m testing a new setting with Google Drive, so let me know if you get a notice that too many people have downloaded it)

Special thanks on this one go out to all the hunters who contributed screenshots of their hunter with their pet for the video. I had the idea at the last second (scrapping what I had been working on) and posted a call for screenshots on Friday evening, for a video I was making that weekend. I had no idea I’d get so many awesome submissions in that narrow time window: by Saturday afternoon I had literally hundreds of screenshots and they just kept coming in.

So thank you guys for all the beautiful images, and I’m sorry I couldn’t get them all in the video!

Balthazar is going to be doing an acoustic version of one of the 4 songs, and this is the song that I’m going to push for the acoustic version  of — but he won’t start on that until all four songs are done.


I first saw you pacing on the slopes
Dead center in the cross-hairs of my scope

It was love at first sight
I’ll never forget that night

We formed a bond that never can break
Hunter and pet brought together by fate
Exploring the world and learning our place
And pausing to pwn the occasional face . . . Read full article

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