Wowhead: New Item Upgrade System in 5.1

Perculia at The Wowhead Blog: While 5.1 has a handful of new gear from reputation rewards, the majority of gear upgrades in 5.1 will come through a new currency-based upgrade system. Players can permanently increase the ilvl of their 458+ gear by visiting a new Ethereal and cashing in spare currency.

Item Type Currency Stat Increase Upgrades
PvE Rares: Justice Point Rewards, Heroic Dungeon Gear 1500 +8 ilvls 1
PvP Rares: Dreadful Gladiator 1500 +8 ilvls 1
PvE Epics: BoEs, LFR, Normal, Heroic Raids, Valor Point Rewards, Crafted Gear 750 +4 ilvls 2
PvP Epics: Malevolent Gladiator 750 +4 ilvls 2


Upgrading your gear is as simple as visiting the new NPC at your faction’s Pandaria capital and clicking the upgrade button. The UI has a handy preview of the stat increases, so you can compare the strength of several items before deciding which upgraded version you like the best. In-game tooltips also display how much an item has been upgraded, for easy reference. . . . Read full article

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