The Wild Hunt: Stop Those Casts

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: The impending removal of Aspect of the Fox means that hidden behind all the rejoicing in hunter community, a few macro and keybind additions may become necessary even for more casual PvE hunters.

Stopcasting macros have thus far been – aside from a few special occasions – limited to the PvP side of business. Interrupting a steady or cobra cast is rarely worth it during a bossfight; without finding some serious theorycraft on the matter I believe it would only be justified for an urgent backup interrupt. […]

The way around this new-found method of wiping your group is simple. In the standard game menu is the section for keybindings. Squeezed between Interface Panel Functions and Camera Functions one can find a small section of Miscellaneous. The very first available function in this subset is called Stop Casting.. . . Read full article

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