Quel’s Hunting Corner: UI Updated

Quelys at Quel’s Hunting Corner: There is nothing better than a good UI related post, so I plan to make this an exception (lol).

With one of my recent videos (a joke about ‘tips’ for Spirit Kings), it was made extremely clear that my UI was bad. Now I knew it was bad, I really did! I was just much too lazy to do anything about it. In the coming weeks I hope to be able to produce more encounter guides, as well as some humorous (well, my kind of funny-ness) videos, so I felt it was important that I finally got off my rear and put my UI modification actions into gear.

Initially I was going for a UI package – new expansion, new guild, same awesome hunter; why not a brand spankin’ new UI?? I looked into a couple of available packages, and these are some of my favorites . . . Read full article

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