Where the Wild Things Are: The 100+ Rares of Azeroth

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: Bombyx isn’t the only rare showing up with patch 5.1. Over 100 rares have turned up in various Azeroth zones, bringing with them their sparkling personalities, several new skins, and a couple of gameplay changes for leveling hunters.

The list of families dropping in level thus far:

  • Beetle (34 -> 22)
  • Fox (13 -> 9 {for all hunters})
  • Nether Ray (60 -> 46)
  • Shale Spider (83 -> 29 {69 exotic})
  • Sporebat (60 -> 44)
  • Warp Stalker (63 -> 47)

Transcription: Hey everyone! I’m here on the public test realm for patch 5.1, where Azeroth is overflowing with new tameable beasts. There are well over one hundred new rares of various levels for hunters to tame and more are being discovered every build.

Though most of the new beasts have previously existing skins, some of them still break new ground. Low level shale spiders will give hunters access to the stat bonus buff at level 69 rather than having to wait until Deepholm. . . . Read full article

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