Where the Wild Things Are: Arcane Wyrms

Kalliope at Kalliope’s Pantheon of Pets: Patch 5.1 adds a new subset to the serpent family – arcane wyrms.

Transciption: Hey everyone! Kalliope here on the public test realm for patch 5.1 with the newest addition to the non-exotic serpent family: arcane wyrms.

Arcane wyrms hail from Northrend and are just like any other serpent pets, except they fly rather than slither. This makes the arcane wyrms the first subset of a family to use a different mode of movement.

At the time of this recording, three colors of tameable arcane wyrms have been discovered on the PTR.

The white skin appears on the Spirits of the North high above the Nexus in Borean Tundra. These wyrms are tricky to tame, since they are non-aggressive, fly extremely high up, and are only level 70. . . . Read full article

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