The Grumpy Elf: Mists – Helpful Hints to Start

The Grumpy Elf: Raids will be opening this week and just like last expansion we are short on healers at the start so we will most likely be starting next week or the week after but that doesn’t mean there is no reason not to try to be raid ready even if you are not starting to raid right away.  Thanks to a change by Blizzard getting ready just got easier.

Justice Gear No Longer Requires Reputation
You needed to be honored with the big 4 (Shado-Pan, Klaxxi, August Celestials and Golden Lotus) to buy justice gear.  The problem is that you will only have Klaxxi at honored to start, for most.  The other three you will not get there easily and need dailies and you need golden lotus revered before you open the dailies for the other two which means it would be a pretty long grind to be able to open justice gear for someone that was not on every day.

Thus, for those part timers and alts, there is reason to rejoice, you can now buy your justice gear without a reputation requirement of honored.  There is now no excuse what so ever for not being item level 440 and ready for heroics to gear up for a raid.  Yes, you could get to 446 or better with quest and mob kills only, but those 450 justice items will help for those that do not want to stalk rare mobs and finish all quests.  This is huge. . . . Read full article

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