WHU: Pet Tanking in MoP [Pet Management & Rotation]

Arth at Warcraft Hunter’s Union: This is a guide to pet tanking in Mists of Pandaria.  It is not intended for advice on soloing, PvP, PvE, leveling, etc.

Pet Choice

Turtle or Beetle.  Simple stuff. You need the damage mitigation more than any other pet ability.

Pet Management

This is really at the heart of tanking.  What the hunter does with his regular dps shots is secondary.  Below I go through each ability and stance to highlight their use in tanking.

Pet Abilities

  • Growl -THIS IS NOW A TAUNT.  Which is probably good news for instances, and bad for raids where the taunt will likely be ignored by bosses.
  • Bite – On auto-cast, regardless of situation
  • Charge – On auto-cast
  • Thunderstomp – Serviceable but not great AoE threat.  Turn off for single target encounters.
  • Last Stand – A glorious ability for when there are damage spikes on your pet.
  • Cower – Should be macro’d to Mend Pet for mitigation.

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