Wowcrendor: WoW in a Minute

As we near the launch of the next expansion pack, Wowcrendor has been releasing one minute summaries of the past expansions. They’re smart and funny as Wowcrendor videos always are. I’ve embedded the three videos released so far below, along with a few reminiscences from a hunter’s point of view.

“LFM UBERS need ranged and heals, need key, no more hunters”… I read that phrase in the chat channel too many times back in the day. I started playing WoW on my own, didn’t know a single person in game. I was a quest junkie… I loved the feeling of advancing my character that questing brought. But then I hit a wall… I couldn’t complete the quests in my log unless I could get into UBRS, and getting into a group as a hunter back then was, in my experience, nearly impossible.

I read up on UBRS, and found that having a hunter kite Drak was actually an essential part of the strategy. So I went out and practiced kiting mobs around until I was confident I had the timing right. I also ran LBRS every chance I could get until I got the UBRS key, to further increase my prospects of getting into an UBRS group. Getting a group for LBRS was not easy either, and once in there, the various gems required to complete the key had to drop, and then one had to win them; in the mean time I leveled a priest and learned to heal, just in case I never got to play any further on my hunter. However, when I was finally able to type in chat “LFG UBRS, can kite Drak, have key,” I at long last got into UBRS and completed my quests.

My main memory of classic WoW, though, was the running. Although you could purchase a mount at level 40, I didn’t accumulate enough gold until level 48, so I spent a lot of time running. When I finally saved enough gold and purchased an epic mount, at level 60, I rode it all around Darnassus while my guildies watched and cheered. It was a big deal back then.

I loved pretty much everything about BC. I enjoyed the scientific theme of many of the questlines, the attunement chains, the skyscapes, the music, the dungeons and raids, and yes, being able to fly for the first time. I loved feeling useful in heroic dungeons, where cc was imperative and I could chain-trap anything that could be cced. I still have my hearth set to Shat, partially for the easy portal to Caverns of Time, but mostly because I find the city a much more pleasant place to hang out than rat-infested Stormwind.

The main advantage of the LFD system introduced in WotLK, from my point of view, was that people could no longer deny hunters a spot just because they were hunters. I was in a guild of good friends by this time, but sometimes ran LFD to cap badges; the 20 minutes or so I’d spend waiting for a queue was nothing compared to the hours I’d spent putting groups together in BC or, in the case of classic WoW, going days or weeks without getting a group at all.

My main memory of WotLK, however, was flying in circles around Icecrown and Sholazar; I leveled a DK farmer to mine saronite for my arrows and bullets because I was consuming about a thousand gold’s worth of ammo per week. I didn’t mind picking herbs or fishing up buff food; everyone had to buy or farm consumables. I didn’t mind helping our tanks and healers farm resistance gear mats back before the days of duel-spec and dps alts, in fact it gave me satisfaction. But I don’t miss having to spend hours every day flying in circles and banging on rocks, after everyone else had logged off and gone to sleep, just to be able to use my weapons the following day. Nope, don’t miss it at all.


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