Wild Hunt: 3 Addons That Changed The Way I PvP

Mehtomiel at The Wild Hunt: If I ever played on a truly high level, I’d have to do it without addons – but on the normal realms and these lower ratings, I will use the tools designed to give one an edge in combat. All of these addons will take certain critical information and give it to me in a way that is fast to comprehend and react to. If I had to choose the most valuable of them, the title would go to GladiatorlosSA.

Installing and learning to play with these three made a significant difference in my playstyle. I became much more aware of which skills our opponents were using and could time my own response accurately.

LoseControl is the easiest to benefit from, right at start. Icicle will present icons that you may not be immediately familiar with, so getting used to it will take some time. GladiatorlosSA is best used in arena environment, as it announces absolutely everything – and in Alterac Valley that can get completely out of hand.

1. LoseControl

In PvP, every second that you’re not in control of your character feels like a year. It doesn’t help that the standard placing for debuffs is to the side, instead of right on top of my character. To help with this, I installed LoseControl; it gives me an icon of the cc/silence/root effect, a timer and the possibility to resize and move the icon around at will. . . . Read full article

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