The Brew Hall: Mogging for MoP

Darkbrew at The Brew Hall: Pandaria, a mystical undiscovered land full of  wisdom, beauty, peace, and secrets waiting to be plundered …err, discovered.

With Deathwing dead and no overpowered-being pontificating on how he is going to destroy all life on Azeroth, the Horde and Alliance seek to fill that void by renewing their hatred for one another and escalating their conflict. About time if you ask me.

An occasion such as this demands that I break out my war-time finest. A set that screams for the Alliance, for Khaz Modan, and more importantly isn’t too tight in the crotch. When I land ashore in Pandaria and prepare to do battle with the Horde I will do so wearing my Windrunner’s Battlegear. This is blue/gold alliance themed tier set. The shoulder even contain the Alliance insignia.

If you recall this is the Tier 9 set that was introduced in patch 3.2 with Trial of the Crusader. Unlike today’s sets all item level versions of the armor have the same look. This is great news because the entire tier set can be purchased for 2,729 Justice Points. That’s head, shoulders, chest, legs and gloves. This leaves belt and boots for farming, and you will need a group to do it. . . . Read full article

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