Scattered Shots: Hunter PvP after Patch 5.0.4

Euripides at WoW Insider: Hunters are shaping up to be excellent in PvP this patch. We’ve always been sort of acceptable at very high skill levels, but now we have a bunch of new tricks in our toolbox. It’s still too early to give a definitive guide to the best choices you can make, but with everything that’s changed, it’s worth going over where we are now.

Beastmastery is the spec of choice

Marksmanship was the most commonly played spec for the last two expansions, mostly because of readiness and silencing shot. These can now be learned by any spec, and since BM has the best damage of the three specs, it’s the default PvP spec. In addition to the raw damage, BM also has an additional crowd control breaking effect with The Beast Within, a stun, and the ability to tame exotic pets, including one with a heal. On its own, that heal isn’t much to write home about, but with glyphed Stampede, it basically heals you to full.

Of course, Stampede isn’t available at 85, but when you get it at 87, you’ll want to ensure you have a spirit beast available. You might find the addon NPC Scan helpful if you’re trying to get a spirit beast.

So many new toys!

Many of the coolest PvP changes that have been made for us are in our glyphs. In order of Explosive Trap to everything else, here are some of the most interesting glyphs: Glyph of Explosive Trap- Words can’t express how mind-numbingly awesome this glyph is. I tried poetry, heavy metal, and french. None of them did the trick. When you take this glyph, you can move people! Instead of a pulsing DoT that breaks crowd control, it becomes a little invisible hand that you can use to push people off cliffs. . . . Read full article

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