Index of Elitist Jerks Hunter Forum Posts: MoP Edition

Welcome to the Mists of Pandaria edition of the Wow Hunters Hall Index of EJ Hunter Forum Posts. Every Friday, WHH publishes a recap of  discussions that took place on the EJ Hunter Forum. The recaps contain sufficient content for the reader to ascertain if a post is of interest to them and to understand any significant conclusions made. Links to the original posts are provided for those who are interested in detailed theory-crafting, experimental data, etc.

This index organizes the Elitist Jerks Hunter Forum recaps we archive at WoW Hunter’s Hall by thread, then by topic within the thread, then by date posted. The index is updated weekly as new forum recaps are posted. For archives of older posts please see the Cataclysm Edition of the forum index.


Index of Posts

Hunter FAQ MoP Edition

Simple Questions/Simple Answers

Beast Mastery



Mists of Pandaria: All Specs

Hunter DPS Analyzer (MoP Edition)

SimulationCraft for Hunters (Panda Edition)

Hunter Spreadsheet

Soloing Old Instances for Fun and Profit

General posts related to soloing in Mists of Pandaria are listed here. First-kill announcements, boss strategy guides, and soloing videos are organized by dungeon / raid / expansion pack in the WHH Hunter Soloing Guide Compilations linked below.

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