WoW Hunters Hall August Traffic Report

It’s time for the August report for WoW Hunters Hall! August was a really good month for the WHH, which is indicative of the increased interest in the game leading up to patch 5.0.4 and you can see the big traffic spike when the patch landed. I suspect we’re going to see the traffic drop down a bit and generally rise going into Mists of Pandaria.

It’s good times for WoW info!

Traffic Overview

In July WoW Hunters Hall had 83,691  visits and 207,651 pageviews, with a total of 50,386 unique visitors. This is a big jump from July in all categories — double the referral traffic and an increase of about 15,000 visits from search engines.

The traffic split between search engines, referring sites, and direct visits held pretty steady last month.

Referring Sites

The top referring sites (sites with a link to WoW Hunters Hall that people clicked on to get here) breaks down as follows:

Not a lot of big movement in the referring sites in August, with MMO-Champion hopping back into the lineup after a bit of an absence along with Rapid Fire.


Transmogrification continues to be popular but we finally had a bunch of other topics making an appearance in the top searches. The top non-branded keyword phrases driving traffic were:

  • hunter transmog
  • season 12 pvp gear
  • wow hunter
  • hunter tier 14
  • hunter transmog sets
  • wow hunter transmog
  • hunter transmog gear

Hottest Hunter Articles

Of the 207,651 pageviews WoW Hunters Hall received in August, 15.60% were the home page. After that the top viewed pages were as follows. Note that while this is interesting data, articles posted early in the month have an advantage, and those posted at the very end have a severe disadvantage (given the amount of time they have to collect views for the month).

The huge winner this month was yet again Tabana’s collection of hunter transmogrification resources, which captured a massive chunk of the WHH traffic, and coming in second is the list of hunter PvP guides.

Regional Stats

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