Beta Classes: Pet Fixes Incoming

Blizzard is asking for feedback on class balance and answering theorycrafting questions. This article continues our coverage of hunter-related discussions in the thread. You’ll find all of the official posts regarding hunters in MoP in the WHH MoP Hunter Guide.

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Polycarpp: OK, now I’m really disappointed!  Blizzard has known that Kill Command does not work on 2/8 DS bosses for over 5 days now but still will not fix the problem.  Why?  Too damn lazy?  Not important cause MoP is around the corner?  It’s only a hunter problem?  We still have 2 more weeks of DS progression raiding and my dps FREAKN matters!  Fix your game!!!  “O, just go SV…”  Well then make SV the top dps spec and I would!  Come on!  What is this, E3? [link]

Bullshavic: I looked at the bug report forum and saw only a few threads regarding this issue in the last month or two and none have more than 2 or 3 responses. It could be that Blizzard doesn’t think it’s affecting enough people to be a top priority atm. There was a response from GC about 5 days ago (sadly in the feedback forums, go figure) about the dps imbalance between classes where he did say “We’re working on Kill Command for Dragon Soul. It works fine on all of the level 90 raid bosses.” This tells me that Blizz is aware of some kind of an issue with the kill command and is looking into it. […] [link]

Ghostcrawler: As someone posted above, this is a known issue that we are working on. This thread mis-characterizes the situation and isn’t helpful. [link]

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Tacohandz: I was wondering if you could comment on the design intent for pets? Currently, it seems all pets are missing avoidance and their armor value isn’t enough to withstand incoming damage. Even with Mend Pet glyphed, you still have a lot of trouble healing through damage without using another ability (such as Spirit Mend) on your pet as well. [link]

Ghostcrawler: Pets lost a lot of armor coming into Mists. The new scaling system didn’t make up for all of the base armor they had before. So, we are going to significantly buff pet armor across the board. Theorycrafters will want to reset the armor values of relevant pets when this fix goes live. As an example, hunter pets will go from 100% of master armor to 170%. Cloth wearers will get more and plate a little less. [link]

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