Huntsman’s Lodge: Here We Go

Garwulf at The Huntsman’s Lodge:

After a bit more testing, I’ve settled on this build and I’m enjoying it immensely for BGs.

My BM PvP Talents for Patch 5.0.4


My specialization is still Beast Mastery, of course, and I’m running with a Ferocity specced Spirit Beast…of course. Old habits die hard. ;)

OK, so I really need to try Narrow Escape, but I’m having a hard time letting go of Posthaste. The CC removal (root and snare, anyway) + run speed buff is so useful in so many different situations.

I’ve found that heals and caster DPS are just redonk since the patch, so I elected to drop the new Binding Shot for the tried and true Silencing Shot. This has helped me burn down casters a bit easier and keep those pesky healers under control, plus it’s free (costs zero focus). . . . Read full article

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