Pet Tanking Overview (MoP)

Arth at Warcraft Hunters Union: There’s no reason to believe pet tanking won’t be viable in Mists of Pandaria.  Hunters have always faced challenges with tanking, and this expansion will be no different, but the outlook remains hopeful for instance tanking and eventually raid tanking.

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Our Strengths:

  • Pets still take the largest heals in the game (+50% all heals) unless I missed a large buff to a tanking class.
  • Pets all but ignore all AoE damage, making AoE abilities non-factors in our tanking.

Our Weaknesses:

  • Pet’s health pools remain relatively low compared to average tanks.  This makes healing windows tighter, and the margin for error smaller.
  • Low armor totals (compared to tank classes) mean that pets take large amounts of physical/melee damage.
  • Kiting remains a problem without a clear solution.  The “Move To” ability is not a reliable substitute.

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