Level 90 Double Hunter 2v2 with Zumio + Braindeadly

Zumio: Braindeadly and I take to the sewers as there was a severe rat outbreak on the beta which can only mean one thing… time for some RATSLAYING! Please don’t take this video too seriously, as you can see the beta is just crazy despite that fact we literally have 20 days until it launches. And yes, stampede spirit mend does need a nerf (at the same time as hybrid self-healing, otherwise it’s fine).

IMPORTANT: Some games I am not in an aspect as there’s a bug whenever you start arena your aspect gets wiped, and I keep forgetting to re-apply it.


http://www.facebook.com/ZumioNET – Come say hi!
http://www.youtube.com/BraindeadlyEU – Braindeadly’s Channel (as if you don’t know it :P)

1) DJ Ephixa – Gerudo Valley Dubstep Remix
2) DJ Ephixa – Song of Storms Dubstep Remix

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