Elitist Jerks: Hunter FAQ MoP Edition

Rivkah (Zeherah) has written a new FAQ for hunters in Mists of Pandaria:

This FAQ is now updated for 5.0.4. Most information in this FAQ is targetted for level 90 players but I did include some information which will be useful for the pre-expansion transition. For a level 85 oriented guide you can see Warcraft Hunters Union

This FAQ is not meant to cover everything covered in the existing threads but rather to cut down on the amount of repetitive (and infraction inducing) posts that keep popping up. Please also consult the more detailed threads if your question is not covered here before posting. If you have any suggestions to be added to this FAQ please PM them to me to keep the clutter low.

Q) What changes in 5.0 might I need to know about?
A) I won’t attempt to cover all changes here, but these are some of the more common ones people may not be aware of:

  • Ranged weapons are now equipped in our melee slot (and stats bumped up accordingly), there is no longer a need for hunters to have a melee weapon (except for fashion)
  • Hunter shots can now be dodged, which means we will want to cap expertise as well as hit. The hit and expertise caps have also changed.
  • Most spec specific abilities are now given via our specialization and we can also select specialization independent talents. Changing talents or specialization requires a consumable
  • Pets no longer have a talent tree, but just a specialization which comes with a standard set of bonuses. All pets can use any specialization (there is no cost to switch but you must be out of combat)
  • Readiness is now available for all specs with a 5 min CD and Rapid Fire now has a 3 min CD
  • Prime glyphs have been removed. Most glyphs now are situational and do not provide a direct damage increase
  • There is now a GCD on swapping aspects
  • Pet growl is now a true taunt and no longer just increased threat
  • Helm enchants are no longer available

Q) Which spec does the most dps?
A) As of the current beta build for level 90 BM seems to be running highest in simulations, followed by SV (which looks stronger for AoE). Keep in mind that raid performance may not match simulations, certain fights may favor different specs, and that tweaks are still occurring which may change the relative value of specs.

Q) What do I get from my stats?
A) 1 agil gives 2 AP and approximately .000794% crit. This is prior to including any multipliers such as Mail Armor Specialization (5% agil) and Kings/Wild (5% agil). Below is a list of rating conversions for hunter stats. . . . Read full post

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