Marks365: The Hunter’s Guide to 5.0.4

Morynne at Marks365: We get 5.04 in a week.  Seven days, and we have to juggle all new shot rotations, abilities, and talents.

What am I going to have to do when I first log in?

The first hurdle you’ll have to get past is turning off any add-ons that are preventing you from logging in.  I’d recommend starting with all add-ons off, just so you’re able to function.  Make sure everything is as updated as it can get, then slowly start turning them back on.  Add-on Control Panel makes this much easier while you’re logged into the game.  Once you’re logged in, go ahead and sell your melee weapon, and all of the ones in your bank.  It means nothing to you anymore, nor can you use it to Transmogrify.

Once you’ve made it in, you’re going to have to choose what spec you want to be.  If you’re interested in still topping damage meters, you’ll want to stick to Survival or Beastmastery for the time being.  Once you’ve decided your spec, take a gander at your talents. . . . Read full article